Tensor Alum (TJ Rogers) Reaper Box Skateboard Trucks – 5.5″


  • Width: 5.5″
  • Height: 55mm – Standard
  • All Terrain Geometry
  • Pro Model: TJ Rogers
  • Price is For a Pair
  • Weight: 605g

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  • Materials:
    • Aluminium


    • 5.5″ = 8.125″ – 8.375″ Recommended Deck Width

    These “All Terrain Geometry – Totally Redesigned” aluminium trucks have had the angles of truck pivot and kingpin adjusted, resulting in a tighter turning more responsive truck. They also have a taller axle at 55mm height and a lower kingpin reduce wheelbite. The bushings interlock with the truck hanger, keeping the bushings perfectly centered. The design has also allowed the weight to be reduced and redistributed in key areas, making an overall stronger truck, but lighter than ever before!